Inner Child Healing

Defining the Inner Child The inner child is the being within, created during the years from age four to seven – the so-called formative years. If, during this time, a traumatic event occurs with frequency, we may bury the event within us. As a result, it may not resurface as part of the conscious. It will remain, however, buried within and ready to appear in … Continue reading Inner Child Healing

Cancer Healing

Is it possible to cure cancer with Alternative Spiritual Treatment “The human body is an energy system … imbalance on any level will ultimately manifest itself into the physical…” Spirituality, although often overlooked, plays an important role in the physical and mental healing of an individual. This helps you realize who you really are. Healing through spirituality will help you combat illness or diseases, provide … Continue reading Cancer Healing

Teenage Issues

Major Issues:- Appearance – a figure perfect body Education – scoring high in exams Friendship – developing social skills Peer Pressure – sense of belonging Bullying – face it and stand up Substance Use – adapting bad habits Self esteem – self comparison with others Mensuration – misconception and queries Dating – first crush & vulnerable to romantic liaisons And many more like:- Acne, Pimples, … Continue reading Teenage Issues

Women Empowerment

Why women need Empowerment? Lets us understand this with an example. A modern day female who is working and earning for herself. She had a few men in her life from time to time and have a man in her life right now and They have terrible fights, They are intellectually no match to each other, There is no love in between AND Sex is … Continue reading Women Empowerment