Personnel Past Life Regression Session Testimonial – Miss R***

Past Life Regression Testimonial
Past Life Regression Testimonial

Miss R*** shared her review about her Past Life Regression Session.

This was an experience beyond words, but I would surely pen down in the best way I can.

With my (very supportive) sister by my side, and Yogi Buddhadeva, I have experience the true essence of my existence. Yogi Buddhadeva is trustworthy, he did not hypnotize me, but he took me to places, and let me see the facts as they were.

This past-life regression made me recall scenes, feelings and memories from another lifetime that I have lived as though it were happening now.

And the facts turned out to be plenty good enough as far as I am concerned.

I experienced what I had always heard since my childhood, ‘Soul is immortal, only body changes’. Your whole life (EMI, car, job, pizza etc.) will appear to be absolutely negligible and insignificant.

The re-enactment of the death moment and the peace that accompanies it— is the real therapy. It teaches you how to MOVE ON…

It also teaches you how important are your karmas, ‘What you sow, is what you reap’.

Hundreds of spiritual teachings which I have heard (Brahma Kumari, Art of living etc.) since childhood, all understood and experienced in matter of just 2 hours.

I Thank, Yogi Buddhadeva, his team, and my darling sister, for this most valuable experience and teaching of my life. You enlightened my soul.

Feeling Blessed, R*** (on behalf of my soul)