Various audio meditations to experience deep relaxation Highlight By “Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati”   Yog Nidra (Length: 27 minutes, Language: Hindi) (Note: Use this audio when you come back to home after day of work OR before going to sleep to experience deep sleep and deep relaxation) Others Feeling Lighter (Length: 3 minutes, Language: Hindi) (Note: Use this audio in morning at the start of your day OR whenever feeling negative or … Continue reading Downloads

Real Freedom..

Real Freedom – Many times i had dreams where i have been shot in the head, i felt intense fear followed by intense pain. But all for split secs. And then…. and then…. i feel weightless, fearless, painless – state where i feel real freedom. I have been blessed with such type of freedom in dreams so far. But still they change something in me. … Continue reading Real Freedom..

Symptoms of Ascension – Watch Video

Depression, Anxiety, Panic Feeling as inside of a Pressure cooker, Aches and pains Emotional Ups and downs, weeping Hot flashes Violent Dreams Dizziness Days of Extreme Fatigue Memory loss Disorientation Loss of Identity Out of Body Feeling like going insane If you experience any of the above, you might be ascending in consciousness. We at YOGASTH can help you.   Continue reading Symptoms of Ascension – Watch Video