Woman Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Why women need Empowerment?

Lets us understand this with an example.

A modern day female who is working and earning for herself. She had a few men in her life from time to time and have a man in her life right now and

  • They have terrible fights,
  • They are intellectually no match to each other,
  • There is no love in between AND
  • Sex is used as a bartering tool for safety

but still they are together. WHY? She probably doesn’t know the answer herself.

Does this scenario resonates with your condition? If yes, Read on…

Above mentioned scenario is just an example where a women who is completely capable of living her life herself is still attached to a man, just because she have some limiting subconscious issuesthat she has been carrying, specifically an ancestral patterns of ‘female need for protection by the male’.

These attachments to others based around protection have been holding the Feminine back from seeking True Love. The Love Bonds forged in need for protection needs to end.

The ultimate truth is that feminine “meekness” and need for protection is a biologically based illusion based in old 3D(i.e. physical world) programming and survival. The soul is infinite, power is an illusion, no one is ever really “weak”.

During a channeling session, I(Yogi Jñāna Param) received this message that

  • A women who stays in such a relation is subconsciously fearful inside.
  • She have victim mentality due to past hurts/traumas from this life or from some previous incarnations.
  • The man in her life is the Physical manifestation of her fears. This means that the fears that she is avoiding to face has taken a form of a man and entered her life. Now, she have ‘protection by the male’, but in reality that same man is the Physical manifestation of her fears. So such a relation will always hurt cause that man has to give her continuous pain and make her strong enough to take a decision that she will face and heal her fears.
  • True love cannot stay in her life till fear is there as fear is the lowest vibration and love is thehighest vibration. Fear and love can not stay together.

What is Women Empowerment?

In our tradition, a female is considered and adored as ‘Shakti’. And this ‘Shakti’ which is present inside every women, has to be activated. This activation of ‘Shakti’ is called empowerment.

She has all the potentials to explore, create and build her own world, to materialize her own dreams and live a fulfilled, blissful and complete life.

How can we help you?

We will neither lecture nor counsel you on how to heal it. We will make you follow a framework that will eradicate these fears from inside of you.

Our specialty is in removing/healing these subconscious fears.

So if your karma(which is just a subconscious thinking pattern that controls around 96% of your decisions) allows you, then you will reach us and we will be able to help you.

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