Astrology – Learning & Predictions

Life is all about timing,


and astrology is the science of time. Like all things in life, the trick to success is being in the right place at the right time.

Astrology & Education

While educating our child we often overlook the child’s own aptitude for learning. The child’s abilities or rather limitations are ignored or parents don’t have the right tools to discover their child’s true potentials or abilities. Thus for the child, failure to understand the lessons, poor performance in test, not reaching upto the teachers and parents expectations – leads the child to a severe inferiority complex which damages his personality forever.

The aim of education should be to bring out the best in the youngsters by tapping hidden potentials and curbing negative points in them. It must aim at creating a strong, moral, spiritual and physical personality with devotion to pursuit of knowledge. With that object in view, Astrology can play a meaningful role.

Astrological guidance/counselling provides reliable clues to one’s line of education consistent with one’s flair for a particular branch of study.  Putting the child in a course  of study that does not clash with its own aptitude and does not make heavy demands on his intelligence leads to wholesome development of child and creates in his mind confidence and other positive attitudes to life and its realities.