Philosophy, Science, Reality & Practicality of Kriya Kundalini Yoga


An Online Course on Philosophy, Science, Reality & Practicality of Kriya Kundalini Yoga.


To get familiar with

  • What is Kundalini?
  • Does it really exist?
  • Our chakras real or fake?
  • What is the psycho physiology of the Kundalini?
  • What is neurochemistry of the Kundalini and brain?
  • What are the advantages of the awakening of the Kundalini?
  • What is Kriya yoga?
  • How Kriya yoga is associated with Kundalini yoga?
  • Why it is called Kriya Kundalini yoga or better say Karma Kriya Kundalini yoga?
  • What are the dangers as they are so much speculated or we would say that hyperbolic-ally stated i.e Is there any danger in raising Kundalini?
  • Does Kundalini has any relation with enlightenment?
  • Is it a religion Or is it really something that takes you to the higher awareness?
  • What are the myths about Kundalini?
  • What are misconceptions about Kundalini?
  • How healing and Kundalini associated?
  • How your Karma and Kundalini has any association or something?
  • Kundalini is fact actually, but how this fact serves the very purpose of paving the way of spirituality?
  • What Kundalini has to do with your normal day life?
  • Why Kundalini is so much spoken about in very different language that it is for yogis only or not for the ordinary persons working in a society and all?

Light will be thrown upon many mysteries, many doubts, many misconception and definitely in this very course you will come to learn not only the philosophy or the theory about the Kundalini but the practical side as well.
Some meditation and some Kriya will be taught as well, so that it becomes more beneficial and effective for everyone.


Its for those who are practicing the science of Kriya Kundalini yoga or those who want to practice it, it is equally important and much needed of course; and not only to the Sadhakas or to the Spiritual adept, it is a must course for every individual today.

Note: This course is a mandatory step in becoming a certified ‘Kriya Kundalini Yoga‘ teacher i.e. people doing this course can later complete other mandatory steps and can become certified ‘Kriya Kundalini Yoga‘ teacher.

But even if you are not planning to be a ‘Kriya Kundalini Yoga‘ teacher, you can still join this course for better understanding of this science and how it will help you in your life…

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