Online Meditation Course

Online Meditation Course

Online Meditation Course

Learn Deva Kriyas/Kriya Kundalini Yoga in a step by step way in a Virtual class room.

  • Participants can join a video web conference where they will attend an interactive 1 hour session with a teacher from YOGASTH.
  • Audio and video will be streamed both ways so that the session is an interactive one. Here teacher can see the students and students can see the teacher.
  • Teacher can rectify any mistakes that are being done by Participants during the session.
  • It’s both way communication and so one participant can ask question and others can benefit from it.

If a participant completes all classes in the course, then he/she can visit our India center and can take the remaining theory classes from our Master Yogi BuddhaDeva. After taking these classes, they can get a ‘Kriya Kundalini Teacher’ certificate.

Please contact us by email to participate in a virtual class.

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