A Second Chance

A Second Chance Therapy

What is ‘A Second Chance’ Therapy?

Let’s take an example of Miss. Survivor. 

She experienced many emotions like Sadness, Heartbreak, Stress, Sexual Abuse, Hurt, Insult, Abandonment, Humiliation, Ache, Pain, Agony, Distress, Hardship, Upset, Miserable, Adversity, Trauma, Torture, etc. since the day she was born on this planet earth. These emotions left deep mark on her behavior and personality. She carries all these emotions in her memories, behavior, personality and feels hurt again and again, whenever she remembers those memories or whenever similar hurtful situations arise in her current life.

Based on the emotions that she had experienced, she now have fears that restricts her.

  • She had a heartbreak few years back. And till today she is afraid of getting into new relationship because she fears that her heart will be broken again.
  • She had lost few loved ones. And till today she is afraid that any person whom she love will leave her.
  • She had to face humiliation. And till today she is afraid that she might have to face humiliation again.
  • She was treated with injustice. And till today she is afraid that she will have to face injustice again.

Note: It is said that if we have felt these hurtful emotions in previous lifetimes and had not released them completely, then even they are carried to our current life. Their effect can be seen on our personality. For now, let’s talk about current life only 🙂

Question for Readers:

Now think for a moment and suggest that what she should do, so that she can

  • Live her life without any fears i.e. blissfully and up to her full potential AND
  • Become immune to any such emotions that comes her way in her remaining life.

Note: A suggestion like ‘Think positive‘ or ‘Don’t bother‘ will not work. If these would have worked then the whole human population would have been blissful.

One Possible Answer:

Based on the principle that best treatment for an illness is to eradicate it from its root/source. So a possible answer is that we clear these hurtful emotions and memories from their root.

Under guidance from Yogi BuddhaDeva, Team Yogasth has formulated a therapy called ‘A Second Chance‘ Therapy. It have following stages.

Stage I – Consultation and overview of complete process.

Stage II – Clearing previous hurts.

The core concept is that Miss. Survivor will get A Second Chance to heal the events that caused all these hurtful emotions. Once the source/root event are healed, the emotions associated with those events are released. Finally after all the release, she will be completely free from all the fears and thus will start living a blissful life.

Stage III – Making her immune to hurt for rest of her life

She will be taught some tools that will make her further immune to such hurtful events and emotions for her remaining life. This will make sure that she stays blissful for the reaming days of her life.

And thus finally, Miss. Survivor will transcend all her hurt and pain and will become Miss. Blissful. And that’s the core concept of YOGASTH i.e.

Being Blissful Being

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