Workshop – Current & Past Life Regression

Let your past make you better, not bitter.

A two hour workshop with Yogi BuddhaDeva and Team Yogasth.

In this group regression workshop participants will explore many aspects of themselves in a safe environment. This is not as deep as one to one ‘Past Life Healing Therapy’ but you will experience what it is like to be in a different time and dimension. Spaces are limited!

We will briefly explain about the ‘Past Life Healing Therapy‘ then will take you on a journey to explore;

1) Past life – to travel back in time to see what lessons you needed to learn

2) Connecting with your guide/a higher self – to meet your guide/a higher self and you can ask some questions to receive their guidance.

3) Future life – to travel ahead in time to see what your future self will be doing

What is Past Life Healing Therapy?
It is a deeper level past life regression plus Q&A with your subconscious/higher self. By going through different life time experiences you recognize patterns and reconnect with some people who are in your present life. You have an opportunity to have a conversation with your higher self/subconscious and actually get the answers you need.

Date: Sunday 14th August 2016
Time: Evening 4:00 P.M.  – 6:00 PM
Location: Yogasth, S.C.F. 11, F.F., Sector 53, Phase 3A, Mohali, Punjab, India, 160059, Back side of Petrol Pump
Contact: +91-94780-16938, +91-89688-36963
Note: Either seat can be booked in advance by visiting our center, or payment can be made on the spot(subject to availability)

    Honorable Energy Exchange:      Rs 500/person   

Note: Energy exchange is optional and at participant’s discretion.

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