(Hindi) Past life regression advantage?

Is Past Life Regression Safe? Yogi BuddhaDeva explaining that there are only benefits and bliss that comes as side effect of past life regression. It is a tool for mental cleaning and should be experienced by everyone. Continue reading (Hindi) Past life regression advantage?


Various audio meditations to experience deep relaxation Highlight By “Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati”   Yog Nidra (Length: 27 minutes, Language: Hindi) (Note: Use this audio when you come back to home after day of work OR before going to sleep to experience deep sleep and deep relaxation) Others Feeling Lighter (Length: 3 minutes, Language: Hindi) (Note: Use this audio in morning at the start of your day OR whenever feeling negative or … Continue reading Downloads

Join Yogasth as Volunteer

Yogi BuddhaDeva asking you to come forward and join Yogasth as volunteer. What are you waiting for? Come and Join us in our cause. Work for highest mission of your life with us. Team-Yogasth follows the ideology of being YOGASTH. Yogasth is a practical philosophy which means living blissfully, in even mindedness & face the challenges of life in equanimity. Yogasth-foundation need help from volunteers like … Continue reading Join Yogasth as Volunteer