(Hindi) Happy Independence Day | Ruk Jaana Nahi | Old Song | Spiritual Song | Yogi BuddhaDeva

(Hindi) Happy Independence Day | Ruk Jaana Nahi | Old Song | Spiritual Song | Yogi BuddhaDeva

Ruk jaana Naahi Tu Kahi Haar ke by Yogi Buddhadeva.
Yogi Buddhadeva is an energetic, young, and multidimensional personality. He is a self-realized spiritual guru and an enlightened being. He is a dynamic and pragmatic teacher (Acharya) of its own kind and a yogi full of life, vigor, and eternal joy. Away from all sorts of traditional and ritualistic conventions, he is a yogi in the true sense best suited in present turbulent age to awaken humanity from its slumber to rise to its spiritual nature. A Kriya Yogi and an expert of Kundalini Tantra he seems to lead a normal worldly life with a heightened inner awareness and bliss all the time..
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